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Regardless of whether you are on beginner, intermediate or advanced level of language, you can find a suitable option for yourself. Take a look at what we have to offer!

Choose your level

We have prepared a wide selection of possibilities for you. We offer Polish language courses at all levels, from A1 to C2, so you can choose the one best matching your current skills. If you are uncertain as to what your actual level of advancement in the Polish language is, we will help you figure it out! You can consult us for a piece of expert advice or you can take a free pre-test.

Why us?

We provide expert translators with many years of experience. We have started as a translation agency, which allowed us to gain an extensive knowledge on the topic of languages and practise our abilities in action. Not only do we teach languages but also work with them. This allows us to face similar problems as you may encounter in your daily life when using a foreign language. In addition to transferring theory, we offer some practical tips.

Since we hire specialists in various languages, you can communicate with us in your native tongue. Our team consists of friendly people who are always ready to help you. We hope that besides honing your language skills our course will be a pleasant experience for you and an occasion to engage in social activity.

Easy communication

A wide variety of options

Everyone is different and expects different things from a language course. In order to meet the specific requirements of our Customers, we have prepared many diverse lesson forms. You can participate in a group course held in a classroom or you can take your training online. We can also reach you in person if you are located in Poland.

Aside from deciding whether you wish to participate in a beginner, intermediate or advanced level course, you can also opt for conversation lessons. Those place emphasis on teaching you the correct pronunciation and help you to quickly become fluent in Polish.

As we are a Polish company and the majority of us are native speakers. You will most surely attend a course with a professional Polish speaker. Moreover, we are not simply using this language in a day to day life. Our work involves linguistics, translation, communication and all other forms of applying words in practice. Our education is often related to different aspects of languages as well. Thanks to that, you will learn not only from native speakers but also from true experts in their fields.

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